Coming back to Earth every time!
Love it here. Artist, poet,dancer, and an acctress...
What ever i can put my hands on
and use my talent with the right side of my brain.
It's ALL about love.
Music is the power to my life!
My daughter the joy of life! :)....................

The world has never seen anyone like you before and it never will again.
In fact, you're probably a genius.
Genius is original vision and that is what you were born with.
Your way of seeing, thinking and being in this world is unlike anyone elses
‚ that is how nature works.
You long to do what you were born to do like a horse longs to run and a bird to fly.
The time has come to make the best investment of your life‚ in your innate gifts.
You're about to pull your dreams from the sky and build them on the ground, brick by brick.
Copyright © 2010, Nwlover, All Rights Reserved
Born in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, raised in Holland, England and Croatia she claims her self as the citizen of the world stationed in the USA and Croatia at the moment.

- I am very connected with the ocean and the Adriatic Sea. It gives me inspiration for Art. It, easier to get around the depths of the sea than the land we walk on. She says.
I had an idea, a dream, a vision and it happened.
Everything in our lives that we do with love in our hearts gives us pleasure and opens another door.
When I was introduced to foil by Faux effects by Barbara Skivington I had an immediate vision I had to pursue.
Always amazed with every single product and it
's durability I knew there was a range of endless possibilities to do. And there was no stopping.
From glass to wood, to stone and canvas I began to create ART mostly using Foils and Luster Stone.

This is what a very talented sculptor Steve LeGrand had to say about her work: "Marijeta Lozina's work illustrates the creative brilliance of her beautiful soul.
Blending the essence of ocean depth with celestial tones, she transcends the chains of time and sets ones thoughts on the path of spiritual discovery".

Marijeta Lozina was first introduced to Faux Effects in Georgetown SC by taking the class with Craig Fry.
She attended the Art Institute for Graphic and Industrial Design in Belgrade, and after she moved to the USA she worked for Sidney Arthur, doing hand painted Art work on furniture.
She was an Art Director for Country Elegance furniture company making designs for the French Provincial style.

She worked for Design Institute America, working in Graphic Design for their Catalogs for furniture, and than decided to stick more to custom work.
She made Designs for Hooker Furniture through Chris Hankins and for some time she was a photographer at Ollan Mills Portrait Studio.
Right now her work is shown in High Point NC and Makarska Croatia.
She exhibits her work in Greensboro Bailey's on Elm, The vino Shoppe, De Been Coffee Shop and Faux Effect world. With a lot of help form Barbara Skivington the Faux Effect tacher in High Point, she is having her work shown at some other exibitions in Raleigh and Charlotte NC.